Похороны Ким Чен Ира
    Корейцы хоронят своего вождя - хоронят со слезами на глазах, хоронят как фараона человека, оградившего страну железным занавесом; человека, который устраивал публичные смертные казни и организовывал концлагеря; человека, за критику в адрес которого сажают в тюрьму... а на его место пришел сын, с такими толстыми щечками, что сразу видно - он труженик и лихой борец за справедливость.

Как я рад, что родился не в Корее.

Concept of Freedom
One shouldn't believe in freedom, freedom is the thing that exists independently of human’s perception. It’s one of those concepts that aren’t tricks of mind or an instrument of manipulating. It means that a human being is possible to do with its life what it wants, the problem is actually that a person is brought up in some circumstances which effect the development of the person’s mind on views on life so strongly, that it can hardly be changed. It deals mostly with extraverts, people, who live fully, but they’ve to pay for it: their ability to adapt to

Stephen KIng's pattterns
a priest or man looking loke a priest turnes out to be the evil one
bible mystic: devils, satan, satanic grin's
a miserable house wife
a 'little man' caring a pet
huge mutant-spiders
cellars and sewers (fear of the dark)
a stranger
narration within narration, flashbacks
NO, complicated system of flashbacks really
teenagers' emotions
advices given by elder relatives (helps us to sympathize with the character)
allusion and referances to music and books in order to render the feeling in a right way (as with the Hitler's speech)
ghost town
thinny (voices)


The desert, "Zoltan"
 - Tull
   - Nort's resurrection
 - Murdering
The way station
 - Jake's flashback
 - Hawk's hunt
In caves
 - little flashbacks
at golgopha

"Speak your act of contrition in the speech of civilization for which better men than you will ever be have died"

Task on Colour Idioms
I was walking along the corridor and thinking the situation over. There were rumors, that our firm is going to build a factory somewhere in the middle Africa. I never bielived it, until this morning, when I saw it in black and white on the noticeboard. Perhaps, George had gone crazy, if he had decided so. This region was a black spot for our industry. The idea was too risky. I knocked and went in. George gave me a black look, then lit a cigarret and relaxed.
  • You know why I called you, don’t you? What do you think about it?
  • The whole thing seems very strange. It may turn out to be a white elefant for our business, if not worse…
  • I did not manage to convince the board. MacConaghy keeps them in fear. He controls the money that circulate in the black economy. I don’t know what he’s planning. He wants you to fly there. Tomorrow. Here’re the tickets.
  • And you?
  • And for me there's a lot of red tape…
I returned in a week. The african project failed. Loads of materials just laid on the ground. Workers were unpaid. George seemed black and blue.
- You know, they got him, he said.
  • Got whom?
  • Macconaghy. On Wednesday, four policemen went into his office, you know, completely out of the blue. He was red as a beetroot, screamed blue murder, but could do nothing. Now it's all over.


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