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Stephen KIng's pattterns
a priest or man looking loke a priest turnes out to be the evil one
bible mystic: devils, satan, satanic grin's
a miserable house wife
a 'little man' caring a pet
huge mutant-spiders
cellars and sewers (fear of the dark)
a stranger
narration within narration, flashbacks
NO, complicated system of flashbacks really
teenagers' emotions
advices given by elder relatives (helps us to sympathize with the character)
allusion and referances to music and books in order to render the feeling in a right way (as with the Hitler's speech)
ghost town
thinny (voices)


The desert, "Zoltan"
 - Tull
   - Nort's resurrection
 - Murdering
The way station
 - Jake's flashback
 - Hawk's hunt
In caves
 - little flashbacks
at golgopha

"Speak your act of contrition in the speech of civilization for which better men than you will ever be have died"


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