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Task on Colour Idioms
I was walking along the corridor and thinking the situation over. There were rumors, that our firm is going to build a factory somewhere in the middle Africa. I never bielived it, until this morning, when I saw it in black and white on the noticeboard. Perhaps, George had gone crazy, if he had decided so. This region was a black spot for our industry. The idea was too risky. I knocked and went in. George gave me a black look, then lit a cigarret and relaxed.
  • You know why I called you, don’t you? What do you think about it?
  • The whole thing seems very strange. It may turn out to be a white elefant for our business, if not worse…
  • I did not manage to convince the board. MacConaghy keeps them in fear. He controls the money that circulate in the black economy. I don’t know what he’s planning. He wants you to fly there. Tomorrow. Here’re the tickets.
  • And you?
  • And for me there's a lot of red tape…
I returned in a week. The african project failed. Loads of materials just laid on the ground. Workers were unpaid. George seemed black and blue.
- You know, they got him, he said.
  • Got whom?
  • Macconaghy. On Wednesday, four policemen went into his office, you know, completely out of the blue. He was red as a beetroot, screamed blue murder, but could do nothing. Now it's all over.


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